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 Some of my experiences and high points in my life.


Ray Combs was a good friend of mine, whom I loved dearly. He and I shared many enriching conversations and deep thoughts. Ray is now in the arms of God.
I have worshiped with Matt and Laurie Crouch in their awesome church, "Time In Destiny" in LA. They are great people who likewise want to reach people with truth and hope.
My Acting Coach Bobbie Chance of "Expressions Unlimited" is extremely respected in Hollywood as the best! Its a huge honor to be one of her students. I love her dearly for all she has poured into me both personally as an an actress.

I was humbly blessed by being invited to dinner by George Strait , his wife, and Erv his manager in Cancun Mexico where we shot, "The Seashores of Old Mexico" . George and his wife are awesome, down to earth, real people.They are also a great testament to marriage as they are childhood sweethearts. I considered my video opportunity with them one of the greatest highlights of my career. And after many years of marriage, they have shown all of us that it is possible to stay committed to one person.

I personally have loved and lost, but now I am married to Michael, who has taught me to follow my dreams.
There are many other special people in my life that I have met both as an actress and a missionary whom I love very much.
I have been blessed with 4 awesome children and 9 grandchildren, all of which I am very proud of. I could write on and on about them. My oldest daughter has seven children and is married to a preacher. My second child is a son who has two children. My two little ones are girls ages 11 and 9. My children are what life is really all about. They truly are my greatest mission and my best performance!
We are as we are created to be, and are always drawn to that. It is not whether we succeed or fail or even whether we have tried, it is that we just keep going and learn and grow from our failures and successes.

My mission in life is to help others and pursue my passion for acting and my love of family

Actress and Model

I love playing roles in Christian movies and videos as my passions in life are my career and my family


Mike and Jewell Cartales

Bill Blum / Producer