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Jewell is a Lancome Model "Live on Home Shopping Network" As of February 2011. In 2012 Jewell is modeling for Joy Mangano on HSN and Romi Fondation.

Jewell Cartales was voted in as a Performers Rep for AFTRA Tri-State local as a new board member beginning July 2008. Jewell has accepted. After completed her service she moved to Florida to work in the Miami, Tampa and Orlando Market.

    The children are growing fast and beautiful. My oldest grandson is 14.
It is a major blessing to have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  Life is not void of trials, but it does a mothers heart good to see her children handling life well, growing from the trials, learning from their mistakes and loving and cheering each other on. April is married with 7 children. She homeschools and is extremely busy as the wife of a pastor. With all the administrative, teaching and mentoring duties that come with being a pastors wife. I don't know how she does it. She is remarkable. Tracy her husband is busy as the Pastor of their church and training up their children. ( Very well I might add). Anyone who spends any time at all with the children know they are the products of a well balanced home of discipline and lots of power packed love. Brandon has a natural God given talent for the Arts. I know he is going to be very successful as he persues the passion that burns inside him. One I personally inderstand very well!  Gavin the 14 year old is one of the sweetest, caring and sympathetic young men I have ever known. He speaks of Gods Calling on his life to the Mission Field.  He now plays the piano for the church worship. Chancellor 13, says he is called to be a pastor. He plays and studies the guitar. Abigail 11 is beautiful and loving. She has a huge servants heart and is always right there to help with whatever you are doing. Jocelyn 9 with her big beautiful smile is also taking piano lessons along with all her other older siblings. She is "little mommy"  to her little baby brothers and new baby sister. Caleb 6 is a spunky little preacher cowboy. He loves dressing in a suit and tie and being the usher in church, greeting everyone with a big smile and handshake. Levi 3 is the tiny little curious, get into everything helper at home and loves all his big brothers and sisters and baby sister. Speaking of his baby sister. April had her 7th baby on February 9th 2012. Little Lucy Marie. I was blessed with the opportunity to be there when she was born. I then spent three weeks with all the kids and had a awesome time. Natalia 10 is the beautiful little singer and drama queen.  She loves doing arts and crafts. She is also very gregarious at church and makes friends very easily. Shia 8 is a little Brandon. He is very dramatic also and will keep you in stitches most every time he opens his mouth. Watch out when he has his toy sword in his hands. He is all boy! Finally, but certaintly not least my two youngest miracles from God; Cheyanne my beautiful dancer! She is blossoming into a beautiful young girl complete with georgous green eyes, long dancers legs, and talk about a Drama Queen! Cheyanne is the person you want by your side if you are sick or in pain. She has a deep compassion for others. Miquela is beautiful with gorgeous dark skin and the biggest dark eyes. She is very level headed. You can always count on her logical advice when you are faced with any situation. She was obsessed with horses but seemingly is going through some changes. She had recently become interested in dancing and singing. She surprised us all by auditioning for a lead singing part in the Christmas program. She got it and to some peoples surprise she has a very beautiful voice. She received a loud round of applause after her solo. 


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