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Los Angeles California


Click this link Brandon Berning (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER/ACTOR)


  Jewell is on a break from Los Angeles. Delays in the taping of new TV Talk Show "The Vision" has slowed the production which was scheduled to begin Spring 2013. A new time frame has been scheduled to begin on or around July 15, 2013.
   Jewell has partnered with Fashion and Costume Designer Mr. Warden Neil in a new business called "Jewell's Kiddie Playwear".
The first samples of the Kiddie Playwear are in the works. More information to follow in the next month.
   Marki Costello, Hosting teacher, Coach and Hosting Agent in Los Angeles California has become Jewell's Hosting Coach. Jewell has been taking her Boot Camp and on going classes. With Marki's direction and advice Jewell is working on a new Hosting website called "Get Set Women". This website is a mentoring site in support of women everywhere in dealing with life, family, career and everything women of today must deal with. The Launch date for this site is sometime before the end of June 2013.
  Jewell is back in LA indefinetly. Still training with Bobbie Chance of Expressions Unlimited in Hollywood. Also Showcasing on Thursday Nights. 
  Jewell has signed with a new Agent. Jack Scagnetti Agency
  Brandon will be visiting this October here in LA.  See Brandon's website for more information on his Director/Producer/Writer/Acting Skills
  Jewell has been interviewing with HSN for a Guest Host Position. She has completed the interview process to the step of having a video piece made of her that can be presented to clients who are seeking a Host. HSN is willing to hire her. Just need a client to choose her to help sell their product. Wish her Luck!
  After holding a License as a Medical Massage Therapist in Ohio for 12 years, Jewell recently became Licensed as a Medical Massage Therapist in Florida as well as earning her National Certification in Massage and Bodywork. She now holds the title Jewell M. Cartales, LMT, NCTMB